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Spark IV

Today we announced our fourth Fund.  Spark IV is a $450mm fund focused on early stage technology Companies.   I reflected a bit while thinking about the new Fund.

It occurred to me that eight years ago we launched a start-up to invest in start-ups.   We were Entrepreneurs with a plan and a tin cup.  Here we are eight years later with $1.5 billion across 4 Funds. 

We have been fortunate to partner with some great Companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Admeld, OMGPOP, IP Wireless, and Wayfair.   There is a great sense of pride and satisfaction when a Company goes from a start-up to a valuable enterprise employing thousands of people and making an impact on the World.  

I am lucky to be surrounded by such a great Team.  I love that we argue about how to do better, help each other without being asked and laugh a lot.  It isn’t clear how such a diverse cast of characters acts in synchrony.  My only explanation is that different perspectives can meld into good decisions when the objective is clear and the egos are in check. 

We have amassed a great collection of Entrepreneurs and leaders in our Companies.  I am grateful for their effort and for making us look like we know what we’re doing.  These people took loads of calls from our Investors and went beyond the call of duty.  They have willingly spoken to prospective Entrepreneurs on our behalf and helped peers in our Companies. 

We have a great set of Investors.  Most have been with us from Day One.  When we started Spark we had a power point, an offering memo and a strategy.  Our Investors took a chance on us.  These are Endowments, Foundations, and Pension Funds mind you.  They do good work with their money.  We are grateful and determined to reward their trust.  

We have another chance to invest in the next great Entrepreneurs, Products and Companies.   We can continue to mine the massive value creation driven by the Internet.  We can anticipate the path of technology as it spreads into the emerging markets.  We can search for the next category leader.  We can maybe even have a hand in the construction of a Company that has a profound impact on the planet.  How cool is that?

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